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Basic Sliding Ring Rope Halter

Basic Sliding Ring Rope Halter

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additional costs may apply with different ring types

The sliding ring rope halter is ideal for more advanced groundwork or lunging.  Once you've tried it, you can never go without a sliding ring rope halter in your collection ever again!

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Product details

The sliding ring rope halter is ideal for more advanced groundwork or lunging. Because the ring can move freely underneath the chin this halter has a better stability on the horses' head keeping the pressure knots in the right place while lunging but giving less pressure with regular groundwork. We recommend using this halter with our light line leadropes for optimal light contact.

These halters are not suitable for riding.

The cheek and chin rope on the left side will cross each other right underneath the noseknot, this is not a fabrication error, it just has to be knotted that way for this model, it will not effect the sizing of the halter or how it it works, it's just a slight cosmetic flaw that is hardly visible but we still want to mention before you buy. If you do not wish to have the crossing ropes you can choose the Mix & Match sliding ring rope halter where we will conceal the crossing in the braided noseband of the Cobra and Dragon style nosebands.

Sizing & Measurements

Size: Pony, Cob, Full

Measurements: Size chart

Colours & Materials

The sliding ring rope halter is made from 6mm PPM rope in various colours. We have the colours listed below in stock. Other colours can be requested and ordered through email.

  • Black Onyx: black
  • Mithril: light cool toned silver grey
  • Pale Gold: golden beige
  • Oxblood: reddish brown
  • Neon Thulite: neon pink
  • Amethyst: bright purple
  • Saronite: aqua/teal

For the metal ring we offer the following choices:

  • Nickel: Silver coloured
  • Solid Brass: Gold coloured (+€0,80)
  • Rainbow Chrome: Rainbow gradient (+€0,80)
  • Stainless Steel: Silver coloured (+€0,80)

Cork tag
Nylon Thread

Made to order

Although we try to keep at least one of each size/colour in stock this item is made to order and may take 1 to 5 business days to complete before shipping.