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On this page you will find examples of custom made tack. For more information about the process and ordering click the link below!

Fantasy Tack

Not your ordinary tack, design your own or have us design something for you and your horse. Crossfront, chamfron, breastplate, breast collar, reins, full armour, saddle cover, saddle pads or just a bridle or halter, it's all possible.

Colourful tack with rope and leather

  • Rope & dark brown leather halter with symmetrical design, soft purple padding under crownpiece and purple contrast stitching.

  • Braided rope and leather adjustable bridle. Sidepull noseband can be detached to use bridle with a bit or hackamore.

  • Braided rope and leather western headstall with two earpieces, throat lash, rainbow chrome hardware and matching reins.

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Custom Bridles

So many horses, so many needs. We can make the perfect bridle for your horse. With bit, without, adjustable, exchangeable, the perfect fit, the perfect colour, the perfect hardware and decorations. It's all possible, as long as it's horsefriendly.

Custom Browbands

  • Rhinestones in all colours, sizes and combinations on all shapes of browbands.

  • Braided leather, flat, round, different number of strands and different browband shapes.

  • Custom colour options to match your bridle perfectly, different decoration options.

  • Beaded browbands, chains, dangly things, anything you can put in between bridle loops.

  • tooling, silver, carving

  • one ear, two ear, browband

  • matching reins

Not just for horses!

HN is there for you, for dogs, for cats or anything you can think of.

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