Meet the Team


The Muse – Lodewijk

It all started because Lodewijk did not fit anything store-bought. He is our model and muse, all prototypes got tested extensively on him first before being approved to sell to you. If Lodewijk doesn’t approve, we don’t sell it.

The Maker – Deborah
Leatherworker, seamstress, product designer, graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, and overall creative genius. Deborah does it all.
The Guard – Tygo
Every company needs a guard right? Nothing and no one gets past Tygo! Who’s a good boy? Tygo is.
The Royal – Poes
Your highness doesn’t really do anything for HN Horsewear but would be greatly offended if she is not mentioned and won’t stop glaring at me from a distance…
Royal Poes
The Muscle – Chris
This all wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Chris, he gets to lift the heavy stuff, open bottles, punch holes and helps wherever he can.