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Rhinestone Inlay Rope Halter

Rhinestone Inlay Rope Halter

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additional costs may apply for custom options

Shine bright like a diamond! This rope halter has a row of beautifull rhinestones in the noseband. Yes, in, not on top, these rhinestones are sewn in between the noseband ropes help protect the stones better without losing the glittering effect.
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How To: Mix & Match

  1. Pick the size you need.
  2. Select the colour halter you want, this can be a basic or premium rope halter (this may add extra costs to your total)
  3. Pick the halter type; regular or sliding ring (and what metal ring you would like for this option, this may add extra costs to your total).
  4. Select the rhinestones you want for the noseband inlay
  5. If you want more than 1 of your exact designed halter change the quantity to how many you would like
  6. Add to cart
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Product details

The Rhinestone Inlay Rope Halter is one of our rope halters with an inlaid noseband. This halter has a strand of rhinestone chain stitched in between the halter strands on the nose. This makes the noseband slightly wider and sturdier but not harsher.

The stonesize fits right in between the rope strands to help protect the stones from catching on things. But this does not completely prevent loss of stones. All rhinestone rope halters come with 3 spare rhinestones. For extra options we offer 5 more spare rhinestones or the option to have a protective coating over the stones securing them in place and prevent further catching on things like hair. But this coating will effect the shine and shimmer of some stones/ For example clear stones will become a little duller and not sparkle as much as without a coating

Note for sliding ring option:
The cheek and chin rope on the left side will cross each other right underneath the nose knot, this is not a fabrication error, it just has to be knotted that way for this model, it will not effect the sizing of
the halter or how it it works, it's just a slight cosmetic flaw that is hardly visible but we still want to mention before you buy. If you do not wish to have the crossing ropes on the sides you can choose the Mix 'n Match Cobra braid or Dragon braid where we can conceal the crossing in the braided noseband.

Sizing & Measurements

Size: Pony, Cob, Full

Measurements: Size chart

Colours & Materials

Colours and materials may vary from your personal selected options.

Inlay rhinestone colour we have in stock at the moment are:

  • Clear crystals in silver coloured casings
  • Clear crystals in gold coloured casings

Other stone or casing colours are available trough custom orders.

Shet and Xfull sizes require different size rope and therefore different size stones. We have some limited options in stock for rope and stones but you can always custom order the perfect fit for your horse and taste!

You can contact us for fully custom halters. Additional costs may apply depending on your choices.

When a colour is requested a lot we will add it to our collection permanently.

Made to order

This item is made to order and may take 1 to 5 business days to complete before shipping.

Customized items can not be returned! Please measure your horse to be sure of the perfect size.
If you need help picking the right size or are unsure what colours to pick, or maybe want to see colour combinations put together you can contact us by mail or send a message on social media.