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Loop Lead Rope - 3,5m

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Lead rope with loop, an ideal combination with a rope halter. Easily attach your rope halter to the loop for a direct connection to your horse. You can attach a metal snap to the loop but we would only recommend this for using with regular nylon or leather halters, not with a rope halter as the metal snap can cause a disturbance in your aides or bounce against the horse's jaw. No metal and a direct connection from halter to the lead rope will give the clearest aides to your horse.

This lead rope measures 3,5 meter (11.5 feet) excluding loop and popper and is 12mm thick (a little under half an inch). For the popper we offer the choice between de traditional leather popper in a natural untreated leather that will darken to a dark brown with age, use or oiling. Or you can choose the more budget and vegan friendly option of a black rope popper.


Mithril: Stronger than silver, lighter than steel
Pale Gold: For all the kings and queens
Oxblood: A reddish brown, so classy
Neon Thulite: Because on Wednesdays we wear pink
Amethyst: Purple passion, always in fashion
Saronite: Gorgeous aqua/teal that matches every horse, seriously, it’s that pretty

Made to order

Although we try to keep at least one of each size/colour in stock this item is made to order and may take 1 to 5 business days to complete before shipping.