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Basic Rope Halter

Basic Rope Halter

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Rope halters are a must have for every equestrian. These light weight and flexible rope halters are great for groundwork as well as riding.

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Rope halters are ideal for a variety of things. They are light weight and very flexible, they fit underneath your bridle or often even in your pocket making them great to hack with.

Use them with a leadrope for groundwork or mecate/reins for riding.

The width of the rope makes the size of the knots work best for sizes pony, cob, full.
For smaller and larger sizes we offer XS and XL rope halters with thinner/thicker rope to adjust to the proportions of the horse.

Sizing & Measurements

Size: Pony, Cob, Full

Measurements: Size chart

Colours & Materials

Basic rope halters are made of 6mm PPM rope in various colours. We have the colours listed below in stock. Other colours can be requested and ordered through email.

  • Black Onyx: black
  • Mithril: light cool toned silver grey
  • Pale Gold: golden beige
  • Oxblood: reddish brown
  • Neon Thulite: neon pink
  • Amethyst: bright purple
  • Saronite: aqua/teal

Made to order

Although we try to keep at least one of each size/colour in stock this item is made to order and may take 1 to 5 business days to complete before shipping.