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Dragon Braid Rope Halter

Dragon Braid Rope Halter

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additional costs may apply for custom options

Mix & Match your favourite colours to design your own rope halter with Dragon braided noseband! The Dragon braided noseband can contain up to 3 different colours and has a harsher impact on the nose than most other noseband types.
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How To: Mix & Match

  1. Pick the size you need.
  2. Select the colour halter you want, this can be a basic or premium rope halter (this may add extra costs to your total)
  3. Pick the halter type; regular or sliding ring (and what metal ring you would like for this option, this may add extra costs to your total).
  4. Select the colours you want the noseband to be. Colour 1: the zig zag lines on top
    Colour 2: the straight lines along the sides (and line on the bottom of the noseband)
    Colour 3: the wavy lines in between
  5. If you want more than 1 of your exact designed halter change the quantity to how many you would like
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Product details

This braiding is like a dragon, very pretty but is can be harsh when used the wrong way. While the top of the braid looks very intricate, the part underneath that lays on the nose of the horse is simple and quite textured with wider gaps in between the rope strands which can cause rubbing on the skin. We do use soft rope for the nosebands which will flatten more in use but we do not recommend this style for sensitive skin or beginners as this noseband will be sharper than our other braided nosebands.

Sizing & Measurements

Size: Pony, Cob, Full

Measurements: Size chart

Colours & Materials

Colours and materials may vary from your personal selected options.

Looking for adjusted sizing or colours we don't have in stock? You can contact us for fully custom halters as well. These will cost €2,50 more and take a little longer to deliver but you will get the perfect size and colour combination just for you!
When a colour is requested a lot we will add it to our collection permanently.

Made to order

Made to order:
Although we try to keep at least one of each size/colour in stock this item is made to order and may take 1 to 5 business days to complete before shipping.
Customized items can not be returned! Please measure your horse to be sure of the perfect size.
If you need help picking the right size or are unsure what colours to pick, or maybe want to see colour combinations put together you can contact us by mail or send a message on social media.