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Green Rope Halter Set - Pony/Cob

Green Rope Halter Set - Pony/Cob

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Second chance used rope halter with lead rope set. This set was custom made for a small Irish Cob pony who was in between a size pony and a size cob.

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Nice starter set of custom sized rope halter and knotted long leadrope. Made to fit a small Irish Cob pony that unfortunately he passed away so now his halter is looking for a new pony.

This set has been washed and is clean, lead rope is
fuzzy from use but the set is still safe and usable. Therefore available at a nice discount



  • 4,4 meter (about 14.5 feet)

Rope halter

  • Nosebridge: 23cm (small cob)
  • Nose circumference: 59cm (pony)
  • Cheek: 19,5cm (pony)
  • Throat: 46cm (full)
  • Underjaw: 16cm (full)
  • Crown: (60) (shet)

Colours & Materials


  • two toned green 6mm PPM rope
  • cork label
  • nylon stitching

Lead rope

  • apple green 16mm PPM solid braid rope
  • dark brown leather popper

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