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Quick Knot Lead Rope - 3,5m

Quick Knot Lead Rope - 3,5m

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additional costs may apply with different poppers

No more metal! Our Quick Knot Lead Ropes have a handy knotted closure for easy switching between halters or ropes. We always recommend using a lead rope without metal snap with a regular rope halter as the metal can cause a disturbance in your aides or bounce against the horse's jaw potentially hurting them. But because a lot of people like being able to quickly detach the lead rope from the halter we now have this handy solution with loop and knot closure!

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Product details

Lead rope with Quick Knot closure instead of a metal snap, an ideal combination with a rope halter. Easily attach to your rope halter for a direct connection to your horse without interference of a metal snap.
Just open the loop and remove the knot from it, slide the loop through the loops of the halter, open the loop of the lead rope and pull the knot through, slightly pull to tighten the loop and your leadrope is secure!

For the popper we offer the choice between de traditional leather popper in a natural untreated leather that will darken to a dark brown with age, use or oiling. Or you can choose the more budget and vegan friendly option of a black rope popper (other colours available as custom orders through email).

Sizing & Measurements

  • 3,5 meter long (12.5 ft) excluding knot closure and popper.
  • 12mm thick (a little under half an inch)

Colours & Materials


  • Main material: PPM rope in various colours (see below)
  • Knot: PPM rope
  • Popper: Leather OR black paracord


  • Black Onyx: black
  • Mithril: light cool toned silver grey
  • Pale Gold: golden beige
  • Oxblood: reddish brown
  • Neon Thulite: neon pink
  • Amethyst: bright purple
  • Saronite: aqua/teal

Other colours may be available through custom order.

Made to order

Although we try to keep at least one of each size/colour in stock this item is made to order and may take 1 to 5 business days to complete before shipping.