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Premium Rainbow Ring Rope Halter - Pony

Premium Rainbow Ring Rope Halter - Pony

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Beautifull premium sliding ring rope halter in our favorite combo: Black and rainbow! Suits all coat colours and styles, ideal for lunging and made from recycled materials. A great choice for training your pony!

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Charcoal premium sliding ring rope halter with black and rainbow braided noseband and rainbow chrome ring to finish it off.

Halter rope (excluding braiding) made from rPET, 100% recycled polyester fibre from plastic bottles, 1 halter equals 5 to 6 PET bottles.

The premium quality halters are a little heavier and ‘stiffer’ than our basic rope halters so they are less floppy and keep their shape more while still being flexible.

The sliding ring rope halter is ideal for more advanced groundwork or lunging with our light line leadropes. Because the ring can move freely underneath the chin this halter has a better stability on the horses' head keeping the pressureknots in the right place while lunging but giving less pressure with regular groundwork. 

Want this halter in a different size? With Mix 'n Match you can customize a halter in your preferred size to look like this one!


Size: Pony

Measurements: Size chart

Colours & Materials

  • Charcoal 6mm rPET rope halter
  • Black and Neon Rainbow paracord
  • Rainbow Chrome ring
  • Cork & nylon label

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