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Knotless sliding ring rope halter *PROTOTYPE*

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Pony size black fully knotless sliding ring rope halter with fishtail braided rainbow noseband and rainbow chrome ring.
This cute and handy halter has been used to test this model out for about half a year. It didn't pass the test to be able to sell this exact model but it's still a perfectly fine halter for someone else to keep using.

This halter does not have any knots that come into contact with the horse's head making it ideal for horses with sensitivity issues. The knots on the cheeks are replaced with sturdy stitching and covered with decorative braided rings matching the neon rainbow noseband, the braided rings can be removed if desired.
The sliding ring makes this a great halter for lunging or more advanced groundwork. We recommend using our light line lead ropes in combination with the sliding ring ope halter.


*This prototype is unique, does not come with the HN Horsewear branding because we don't sell this model but just like all other HN Horsewear products has been made in The Netherlands. The halter has no damages and has been washed though some staining on the lightest colours remained (see picture of the halter without a horse)

Original price for similar halter is €18,75 but this halter can be yours for €12,95