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Knotless Cobra Braid Rope Halter

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Customize a rope halter with a Cobra Braided style knotless noseband to get your perfect colour combination!

Cobra braids will make the noseband wider, distributing the pressure on the nose over a slightly bigger surface for softer impact of your aides and flatten the surface a bit unlike without a braided noseband. The underside of the braid is not smooth at first but will get smoother over time when used. If you have a horse with very sensitive skin we recommend using a bridle pad / nose pad or choose leather noseband (available through custom order) instead of a rope braided noseband.

Additional information

These halters are custom made to order and will take 2-5 business days before it's ready to ship.

Customized items can not be returned! Please measure your horse to be sure of the perfect size.
If you need help picking the right size or are unsure what colours to pick, or maybe want to see colour combinations put together you can contact us by mail or send a message on instagram @hnhorsewear.

Looking for adjusted sizing or colours we don't have in stock? You can contact us for fully custom halters as well. These will cost €2,50 more and take a little longer to deliver but you will get the perfect size and colour combination just for you!
When a colour is requested a lot we will add it to our collection permanently.