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Bohemian Dreams Rope Halter

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Beautiful oxblood limited edition rope halter with leather noseband. The hand engraved pyrography pattern is designed specially for this collection.
While a rope halter is soft and flexible the addition of the harness leather noseband will make impact of the aides on the nose a bit sharper. Therefore we do not recommend this halter to be used by beginners (but it can be a great showhalter for pictures as well ofcourse!)

The harness leather noseband is 2,5cm (1inch) wide and stitched in an anatomical shape to fit nicely around the bridge of the nose. The natural colour of the leather will darken overtime, if you want to keep the colour as light as possible for as long as possible try to avoid liquids and oils. The natural oils of the horse will keep the leather conditioned but you can still choose the oil the underside of the halter if you want to soften it up more. If you want to darken the leather apply thin layers of oil until you reach the desired result.

This halter comes without a lead rope, we recommend our Quick Knot Lead Rope or Loop Lead Rope in the colour Oxblood for a matching set.