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Sidepull Gaia PLUS – Full

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This Gaia Sidepull has a little extra! The soft padded noseband has been matched with an anatomic padded crown piece, ideal for horses with bigger or sensitive ears. It has a symmetric design with adjustable straps on both sides for better balance. The chinstrap has been fit with an extra ring so you can easily attach a leadline on your bridle, no need for a halter.

This Sidepull Gaia Plus comes in gorgeous chestnut coloured leather with soft cream coloured padding, matching contrast stitching in cream and fitted with solid brass hardware.



Nose bridge: 31 cm
Nose circumference: 66-72 cm
Cheeks: 20 cm
Nose-Nose: 85-97 cm
Jaw:  40-52 cm

Best suited for horses that wear a full size and have a slightly shorter head and wider jaw. When in doubt, measure your horse!


Reduced price for this Sidepull Gaia Plus because slightly offsize and used to take promopictures. Bridle is clean and other than taking pictures never used.